Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dying Bites: The Bloodhouse Files by DD Barant

Vampires and lycanthropes rule the world and the humans are almost extinct.

Jace Valchek is a FBI profiler. She tracks and apprehends mentally fractured killers. She ends a particularly long day with a few drinks and after a self-guilt trip about all the things wrong with her life, she falls asleep. She dreams about her job. It's not unusual as lots of people dream about their work. In this particular dream, two impeccably dressed men reassure Jace that she has been re-assigned and assist her through the door; a door on her bedroom wall that was not there before. But as dreams go, stranger things have happened. The problem arises when she is confronted by the boss, David Cassius, the head vampire of the NSA. Unfortunately for Jace, she soon determines she isn't dreaming.

David Cassius has gone to great lengths to bring Jace to his reality. There is a serial killer in their world, and until Jace apprehends who is responsible, he won't show her the way home. Stuck beside a rock and a hard place, Jace quickly agrees. She doesn't have much choice in the matter anyways. This world she has been brought to is full of vampires and werewolves. The humans only make up about one percent of the population. Since the vampires and lycanthropes don't have experience with mental illness and Jace does, she is their best shot.

Jace quickly sets to work, along with her newly assigned partner Charlie, a golem. The perpetrator is showing the murder on the internet of the previous victim as he stages a new one. Frustrated to always be one murder behind, Jace is soon racing from murder site to site to try and put the pieces of the puzzle together. But when she unveils the killer as a descendant of the famed Bram Stoker and also human, the stakes change. The killer sends Jace a self-destructing letter that urges her to join his side and that the NSA is lying to her. Jace needs to make some decisions soon or she'll never get back to her own world.

Jace is a multi-faceted character that I instantly liked. Quick on her feet, intelligent, and down to earth, she cuts right to the heart of matters. DD Barant takes time building a unique and magical world that mirrors our own with a twist. Paranormal and fantasy fans will love DYING BITES: THE BLOODHOUND FILES.

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