Monday, November 2, 2009

Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell

Valerie Dumere has always been restless, searching for that something to complete her life. Unable to find it, she returns home to run her late mother's souvenior shop.

Rod Tritone is the Heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis. The council needs someone to go fetch the human, Valerie, to claim her birthright, and they choose Rod to do it. He vows he won't be like his brother and fall in love with the human as he loves the sea and his tail.

When Valerie and Rod meet, sparks fly. Instant attraction, and Valerie wants nothing to do with her inheritance, as she believes her father left her. She never knew him and she doesn't want to now. But when she finds out about back taxes owed on the shop she knows she needs her inheritance to keep it.

She agrees to go to the beach with Rod and his talking bird Livingston even though she is deathly allergic to the sea. But along the way, they are attacked by fish and other anamolies that make their journey treacherous. Rod may never get Valerie to the sea to show her her inheritance, and if he doesn't get his legs back in the water soon, he will lose his tail forever.

Wild Blue Under is another under-the-sea adventure that is simply marvelous. The talking birds had me grinning ear to ear and the romance between Valerie and Rod was sweet, yet passionate. I love this series, and Judi Fennel's imagination knows no bounds. If your looking for a light romance with some comedy and a great plot, pick up WILD BLUE UNDER - there's nothing fishy about it!

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  1. Soooo glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for such a nice review!


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