Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Magic in the Shadows by Devon Monk

Allie  may be losing her mind, but she still has magic at her fingertips.

Allie Beckstrom is a Hound; she is able to trace magic back to its source.  She does a lot of jobs for the police helping to stop practitioners from harming more innocents.  Every time magic is used, it expends  right back in some form.  It could be a headache or sore muscles, but in Allie's case, her powers are so great she usually pays a higher price.   She keeps a journal of her day-to-day activities because she never knows when she will wake up without her memories.  Her mind has huge holes in it where her memories used to be due too using her magic.  She also has beautiful scrolled artwork upon her body that the magic has created.

One of the problems with her memory is that since her last big job she doesn't remember Zayvion Jones, a gorgeous man who claims to be her soul complement.   A soul complement  is the act of a couple using magic together as one, a rare but powerful combination.  Zayvion stirs deep desire in Allie, but she keeps holding her heart from him.

She saw her dad, Daniel Beckstrom, buried,
but she keeps hearing him in her head.  They never got along when he was alive, and Allie wants him gone for good.  But the man who killed Daniel won't rest until he is truly gone, even if it means killing Allie.  She wants to join the Authority, a secret organization of magic users, to learn how to control her magic and remove her father from her mind permanently.  However, first, she has to pass their test, if she can live long enough with her dad's killer on her trail.

MAGIC IN THE SHADOWS is another riveting installment in the ALLIE BECKSTROM
series.  Allie is gutsy and stubborn and has no qualms about being herself or doing what she believes in.  The romance between her and Zayvion is passionate and sensual.  Action-packed, magical and topped with humor and romance, MAGIC IN THE SHADOWS is phenomenal!

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  1. This is a series I want to start this year - nice review!


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