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Author Interview: Carol Snow w/ Giveaway (Just Like Me, Only Better)

Ever since Veronica's husband found the love of his life-not her-she's been a walking zombie with runny mascara. It doesn't help that she keeps getting mistaken for Haley Rush-the Hollywood starlet whose dazzling life is plastered on every magazine.

When Haley's manager offers Veronica a job as a celebrity double, it only takes a moment before she says yes. Veronica gets to drive Haley's car, wear her phenomenal clothes-and have fun with her hot celebrity boyfriend, Brady Ellis. Too bad the job's only part-time, and at the end of the day she has to return to her life as a cash-strapped substitute teacher and cub scout mom.

But when real sparks fly with Brady, is it a fantasy come true or a disaster in disguise? 

If your looking for a great chicklit and/or  women's fiction with a spin of humor and  romance, pick up Just Like Me, Only Better!

Hi Carol! Thank you for taking time to answer some questions we would love the answers to!! Thanks for having me.

Can you tell us what inspired you to write Just Like Me, Only Better?
Like many people, I find the Hollywood celebrity culture both fascinating and appalling. A few years ago, I dressed as Britney Spears for Halloween. I went online for research and was astonished at how much web space is devoted to her every outfit, utterance, and (especially) meltdown. I wondered: “What is it like to live with that kind of scrutiny?” I live in a very normal suburban town. I’m only about an hour from L.A., but sometimes it feels like a different planet. So, to highlight the differences between the two worlds, I created a struggling single mother and substitute teacher named Veronica Czaplickli who lives in my town (Fullerton, California) and bears a striking resemblance to a successful but unstable actress and singer named Haley Rush. When Veronica gets hired to be Haley’s double for photo ops, she gets to find out if the grass is really greener (golder?) on the other side.

When did you write the book and how much research went into it?
I wrote the book in late 2008/early 2009. I live outside of L.A. and have had a fair amount of interaction with people in film and television industry. Plus, I read People and Us magazines every time I go to the hairdresser, so I figured I knew what I was talking about. As I got deeper into the story, however, I realized I didn’t know nearly enough. Fortunately, I have a good friend who has lived in West Hollywood for years and understands the ins and outs of the entertainment business. He answered my emergency phone calls and took me on a couple of “location scouting” drives. We ate lunch at Fred Segal, dinner at the Ivy, drove by Britney Spears’s former Beverly Hills housing development, and chose a neighborhood for the book’s resident boy toy. As I usually do, I took a million notes, typed everything up, and then used what I needed.

Which writers have influenced you the most?
Elinor Lipman, Susan Isaacs, Cathleen Schine, Sarah Bird, Sue Grafton . . . smart, funny writers who understand that good writing is good writing no matter how “light” a storyline might be.

What book is currently on your nightstand?
Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann

Is there anything about Veronica that only you know? (That isn’t discussed in Just Like Me, Only Better?)
Veronica has a weakness for schmaltzy boy bands. Her favorite song is “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden.

Is there anything else you'd like your readers to know?
Um, that I really hope they’ll read my book?

Are you currently working on another novel?
Yes, I’m writing about three women dealing with parenting issues. And I know that sounds really boring, but it’s not. I swear.

Thank you so much for visiting today! I have to say the cover for Just Like Me, Only Better is so eye-catching!!!
It is, isn’t it? The designers at Berkley are so talented. The unifying theme for my book covers seems to be “girls with things on their heads.”
2 Copies - USA/Canada Only
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Winners announced on April 15th.



  1. Ooh, I would love to win a copy of this book. This is exactly the sort of book I love to read.

    My e-mail: lea724 [at]

    My question(s) for Ms. Snow: Other than perhaps Britney Spears (since you *did* dress up as her for Halloween...) what other celebrities have you been compared to, in either mannerisms or actual looks (e.g. I apparently have some of Anne Hathaway's mannerisms, though I never would've realized it myself)? Do you see the resemblance yourself or does it have to be pointed out to you?

  2. This sounds like a fun and quirky book! When I was in college, I was compared to Meryl Streep. I never saw the likeness, but who knows?

    reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

  3. Hi! I am a big Carol Snow fan. I tried "Here Today, Gone to Maui" and just loved it. I am now passing it around for all my friends to read. Can't wait to read this new book!

  4. Here is my second entry. I'd really love to win this book!!!

  5. O. M. G. I can NOT believe you mentioned Savage Garden. I was so enamored with them when they first released. They were the first band that I liked because of their sound, not because a cute boy listened to them. :D

    Are you a fan too?

    Miranda ~ SweetVernal Zephyr

  6. I'd love to read this :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  7. Just popping in to say I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

  8. Love to win this book.

  9. A, I wish I reminded people of Anne Hathaway! Years ago, when "Broadcast News" came out, everyone said I looked like Holly Hunter. She changed her look, though, so now I guess I just look like me.
    Sweet Vernal Zephyr, I do like Savage Garden! I listened to them all the time while writing this book.
    Erika, So glad you liked "Here Today, Gone to Maui!" I think you'll like "Just Like Me, Only Better," too :)

  10. Please count me in.

    simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

  11. I'd love this! Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  12. Your book sounds great. Would love to read it.
    What does your family think about your books?

  13. Sounds like a great book - I'd love to win it
    msboatgal at

  14. I'd like to know what your favorite genre is that you read regularly?
    msboatgal at

  15. Another new to me author!! I love finding them. Please enter me for this one..

    I follow

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  16. thank you for presenting this opportunity

  17. I'd like to be counted for this. Thanks


  18. A friend introduced me to you, Carol, and it has been SO much fun reading your novels! You pull the readers in with your story lines and your books are very hard to put down once started (just ask my husband!lol) I look forward to getting my hands on the new one!!

  19. Question for you, Carol- Have you ever been to Hawaii? - seeing as 2 of your books were centered there.

  20. This sounds like such fun! I really need a great chick lit book - I haven't read a good one in a while.

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  21. Looks good - I'd like to read it.

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  22. Thank you for the chance!
    mstlee2000 @

  23. I "pretend" not to care about Hollywood news...but just can't help wanting to know more. :)
    Theresa N

  24. I would love to read this one.

    teresasreadingcorner at gmail dot com

    I would like to know what Ms. Snow's favorite book is.

  25. This sounds like an awesome read!

  26. madwoman-doing-cartwheelsApril 9, 2010 at 8:01 PM

    Chick Lit is my favorite and this is a brand new author for me so I'd love a chance to win a copy!

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  27. madwoman-doing-cartwheelsApril 9, 2010 at 8:04 PM

    Commenting on carol's interview:

    I also went to a Halloween party dressed as Britney Spears and was amazed at how different I was treated by people who know me personally when dressed up like a star. I also am appalled and fascinated with the star culture.

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  28. I would love a chance to win! Thanks

    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  29. Sounds like a good one, thanks for the chance
    mstlee2000 @


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