Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crossed Out by Kim Baccellia

Stephanie Stewart is not crazy, even though her parents send her to several shrinks and counselors.  She "sees" dead people, and she has forty eight hours from when she sees them to find the location of their murder or death, plant a cross, and send them on their way.

She paints and designs her crosses in the garage, and she used to be in the "in" crowd, but ever since she started talking to the dead everyone keeps their distance, except for a few close friends.  Dylan and she have known each other for ages, and he would make one great boyfriend.  The problem is he doesn't know her secret.

The new guy at school is named Mark and something about him draws her to him.  She knows he is bad, but she spends time with him anyway.  She goes back between Dylan and Mark and the triangle contains elements of evil and teenage angst.

When a soul crosses over, that is usually the end of it.  But Allison has returned and Stephanie doesn't know her role.  Allison crossed over already but now she warns Stephanie of danger.  To add to it, Stephanie's new counselor thinks a demon is after her.  Stephanie will need all of her wits to figure out where to go and what to do, as well as figure out her boy troubles.

Crossed Out is a young adult paranormal thriller.  The first work I have read from this author, I found it to be engaging and unique.  Stephanie is a very likable character and the plot is unique and fresh.  There were a few plot points that could have been fleshed out more to ease the understanding and confusion of the reader, but the destination arrival was satisfying and leaves off to allude to a sequel. 

I grew up in Sacramento, California, the oldest of seven. I earned an elementary teaching degree from Brigham Young University. I've been a telemarketer, library helper at the university, assistant manager, sales clerk, tutor, and bilingual teacher. Now I'm a stay-at-home mom and writer. I love to read and write!
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  1. It's been a blast following you on your tour Kim!! Good luck with CROSSED OUT!! I can't wait to read it.

  2. This sounds neat! I love stories like this :)


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