Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Dragon Standing by G.A. Aiken

Princess Keita of the House of Gwalhamai fab Gwyar was on an elite mission for the Royal House when she was captured by the Dragonlord of the Olgeirsson Horde. The plan was to use Keita to negotiate an alliance between them. However, that fell through when Keita's mother, the queen, told them she would not negotiate and to do what they would with her daughter. Since her capture was now worthless, Ragnar the Cunning released the beauty, but not before she expressed her rage at him with a tail slash to the chest.

It is now a few years later, and Ragnar is on a mission for Keita's mother. He is to bring the queen's traitor sister in for questioning. But on his journey, Ragnar and his brothers see Keita about to be executed in a small village. Stunned that she would allow it to go that far, as she is a dragon and can quickly escape the chains, he rescues her.

As soon as he is in her presence, Ragnor's chest itches like mad. It almost drives him crazy scratching the scar Keita had given him. Keita doesn't want to return to her family, but Ragnar convinces her to accompany him on his journey, and once Keita is aware of his mission, she agrees. She does not believe her aunt to be a traitor. 

Ragnor thinks Keita is stupid, loose, and annoying. Keita may be hurt by his assumptions, but she does not show it. She is a professional at keeping her thoughts and emotions held within. Every male Keita has met has wanted her, so Ragnor's rebuke only challenges her. She will use every feminine and dragon wile she has to get his attention.  Keita isn't the settling down kind of girl, but the fun is in the chase. But when she is sent on a new mission from her mother the queen, Ragnor insist on going with her. Will she be able to win his heart and will he reconsider his opinion of her?

LAST DRAGON STANDING is a fun and exciting paranormal romance romp.  With quirky and substantial characters, witty repartee and sizzling encounters as well as engaging battles, will have you up late turning the pages. Don't miss the first three books in G.A. Aiken's Dragon series, DRAGON ACTUALLY, ABOUT A DRAGON and WHAT A DRAGON SHOULD KNOW!

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