Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last To Die By Kate Brady

Detective Dani Cole just buried her father. She hasn't worked in a few weeks, as Internal Affairs has been dogging her every step. Just because her father was crooked doesn't mean she is, and Dani is determined to prove it. But when a call comes in about the victim of a murder being someone Dani had helped pull out of crime, she quickly gets back to work.

Mitch Sheridan is a renowned photojournalist. But when he was on location years ago, he was caught in the crossfires of a war. Injured, he took many months to recuperate and heal. He owns a foundation in the
States, but he lets his close friend Russell Sheridan run it. Russell wants Mitch to come home for his art showing, but Mitch declines. However, when Russell calls Mitch with a cry for help, and then disappears, Mitch is on the next flight.

Dani's investigation leads her to the foundation and Russell Sheridan. But her investigation takes a twist when Russell turns up dead. When Mitch shows up, Dani
tries to play it cool. She and Mitch had a summer fling when she was younger. He wanted more, and she felt he got too close, so she pushed him out of her life.

Now, the two of them
must work together to find the ruthless killer who is brutally killing women and taking their hair as a trophy. Along the way, they get closer than they've ever been before. The chemistry between them cannot be denied, even as the killer closes in on them.

LAST TO DIE is a thrilling rush!
It includes a cold and ruthless killer and two complex, yet unforgettable characters that will have you up late turning the pages. The romance between Dani and Mitch sparks and sizzles, and the calculated moves of the killer will give you chills. Heart-pounding and page-turning -- a surefire winner!

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