Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Soul To Keep by Sharie Kohler

Sorcha is half-human and half-lycan, a dovenatus. So is Jonas, her father's second in command. Sorcha's father is the Alpha of their pack and his word is absolute. Sorcha was promised to Jonas as his future mate, and she adores him. Jonas, though he cares for Sorcha, knows she is too young yet for a relationship.

When Sorcha is fifteen, Jonas turns from her. He doesn't feel she is ready yet for a relationship and her heart is broken. When a fire breaks out, she uses the distraction to run, even as she realizes all of her pack and Jonas are still in the clutches of the fiery inferno. She spends years heart-broken and thinking of Jonas, but eventually marries.

When Sorcha's husband is murdered, she vows to seek vengeance. She trains hard, and hires a witch to help her see who murdered her husband and where they are located. She learns it is a witch possessed by a demon, the same demon who curses her kind centuries ago.

When Sorcha goes after the witch, she is stopped from striking the killing blow by Jonas. She is shocked to see him alive, as she thought him dead. All of her old feelings come rushing back to her, but she tamps them down. How dare he get in her way of her revenge?

Jonas has to stop Sorcha from killing the witch and releasing the demon at all costs, even if he has to kill her. The demon is almost impossible to kill if released and will wreak havoc upon mankind. He thought Sorcha was dead so he is stunned to see her all grown up. He vows to win her heart again, even if they fight every step of the way.

MY SOUL TO KEEP, BOOK 4 of the MOON CHASER SERIES, is a thrilling paranormal romance. This series is phenomenal, full of romance, mystery, action and the paranormal. The characters are complex and riveting and their world they inhabit captivating and interesting. Full of sensual passion, jaw-dropping action, and exceptional writing, MY SOUL TO KEEP is a sure-fire winner. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but you won't want to miss the rest of the series, MARKED BY MOONLIGHT, KISS OF A DARK MOON, and TO CRAVE A BLOOD MOON.

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