Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now's The Time by Larry Strauss

Billy Heron died in a horrifying car crash, leaving behind a wife and young daughter.  He played piano for the great jazz player Lonnie Baylor.  The night he died, he played a great gig, finally finding the music within himself.

Now, years later, Didi is grown and a trumpet player looking for a break.  Her boyfriend and her roommates keep letting her down in all sorts of things, and when a record company hears her play, it's not her they want, but the piano player.

But then Didi learns about a tape of her father's last recording, a recording said to be amazing.  This begins her search for the tape, and on her journey, she finds herself.

Didi is a remarkable character, complex and compelling.  Sultry and bluesy, Strauss pens a tale of warmth, loss, and balm for the soul.  The plot is sound, the mystery slowly unfolding, keeping you turning the pages quickly as the characters leap to life.  History and music buffs will enjoy this one!

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