Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vermilion Drift by William Kent Krueger

Vermilion Drift is the tenth book in the Cork Minnesota series.  This is my first book by Mr. Krueger, but really didn't have that much difficulty coming into the series. 

PI Cork O'Connor is hired by a mining heir to locate his daughter.  She's been missing before but something feels off this time.  Cork starts his investigation at her art retreat, but there's some serious upheaval going on at the Vermilion One Mine; the government is considering it for long-term nuclear storage.

Then, Cork has dreams about his dad, trying to save him but instead pushing him to his death.  So when Cork stumbles upon several skeletal remains in the Vermilion, it brings more memories rushing back.  He thinks they may be connected to an unsolved case his dad handled when he was the sheriff.

The reader is taken back to the old case with Cork and his dad, then brought back into the present day with Cork and his current investigation.  How the two cases overlap I'll leave for you to read.  The Vermilion Drift can be read as a standalone novel, but I think I would have gotten more out of it reading the previous books.  I was a bit out of the loop with Cork and his nightmares and I think I would have understood it better at least reading book nine, Heaven's Keep.  Mystery and thriller fans will want to snatch this one up and Krueger fans will devour it.  Another series I now have to go back and read! Great writing and plot twisting, leaving you turning the pages to see what is around the corner!!


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