Saturday, October 9, 2010

KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit - Review

Remember the Grammy nominated song, "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree"?  I think most of us know that song, and how upbeat it was and very easy to sing along to.  Well, KT Tunstall has a new album just out, Tiger Suit, and it's sure to rise straight up the charts.

Alot of instruments is used on this album, blended with electric techno, completing a highly entertaining album.  Her song titled, Fade Like a Shadow, is already on the top 20 hit at radio.  Her voice lends a bluesy quality to her music, with enough techno to make it danceable, and enough pop to make it current.  The lyrics are easy to sing along to.  It's one of my new favorite albums!   I think of the collection, the first song, Uummannaq Song is my favorite.  It's so upbeat!! I love it.

If your lookin for some new music, for your ipod, your car, or in general, give KT Tunstall's new album, Tiger Suit, a whirl.  It's very catchy and enjoyable!!

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  1. I never listened much to KT Tunstall, except what was on the radio when I clicked through... but I think I may have to grab this album from Rhapsody and check it out! Thanks! :)


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