Monday, October 25, 2010

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris

Featuring David Sedaris's unique blend of hilarity and heart, this new collection of keen-eyed animal-themed tales is an utter delight. Though the characters may not be human, the situations in these stories bear an uncanny resemblance to the insanity of everyday life.

In "The Toad, the Turtle, and the Duck," three strangers commiserate about animal bureaucracy while waiting in a complaint line. In "Hello Kitty," a cynical feline struggles to sit through his prison-mandated AA meetings. In "The Squirrel and the Chipmunk," a pair of star-crossed lovers is separated by prejudiced family members.

With original illustrations by Ian Falconer, author of the bestselling Olivia series of children's books, these stories are David Sedaris at his most observant, poignant, and surprising.

This audiobook is hilarious and highly entertaining!! Each fable or story is told in the voice of the animals, whether it be a cat, a toad, or a chipmunk.  The stories parable real life and are very well written.  Quite engaging with wonderful characters and witty dialogue that will hold you entranced and laughing until you cry.  I about lost it when the chipmunk thought her boyfriend's "jazz" was something naughty and nasty. There is a moral to every story, but it may not be the one you think it is at the beginning of each tale.  This is one I will definitely listen to more than once.  Those that read the story have very engaging voices that bring the characters to life.  Two thumbs up!!

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