Friday, October 1, 2010

Terror Alert by Felix Timothy

A van crashes and the cops that are called to the scene take it all in and call in the Feds.  The body is so badly decomposed it can only be nuclear radiation that has caused it.  Later that same day, 911 gets a few frantic phone calls.  The cops that were at the crash earlier are bleeding, their hair is falling out, and they are gasping for breathe.  They are dying, and their wives are frantically trying to save their lives.  But they are too late, and not long after, the wives and the children die too. 

Homeland Security is working hard to discover where the nuclear waste came from.  At last count, nine hundred were dead.  The President wants to curb an all out panic, but it may be too late.  Another van crashes, but something is different about this body.  It's still decomposed but on a closer look, it may be a biochemical virus or bacteria. 

The results come back that is is probably an Ebola virus from Central America.  Someone has messed with the strain so it would infect humans. Years ago, testing was done on the virus in Virginia, and the government is investigating on if or how someone could have taken it a step further.  Now, no where is safe. 

The President has no choice but to cut off Los Angeles area to prevent further spreading of this deadly disease.  But with doing so, he faces political ramifications from his cabinet who do not feel he is capabable of leading the country with this threat.  To make matters worse, a private meeting with his secretary is secretly recorded and posted on the internet.  The First Lady sees red and will not tolerate any shenangans with her husband.   There is someone in the FBI leaking information, and the leads they are turning up in their investigation are dead ends - literally.

Terror Alert is an adrenaline-pounding, page-turning thriller! The plot twists and turns keeping the reader entranced and shocked with the treacherous and political events.   Chock-ful of action and intrigue, the storyline is strong and exciting.  You won't want to miss this one!!


  1. sounds like a great read! i found your blog thru FHSfreebies blog hop(s). now following you. have a great weekend~!

  2. Hadn't heard of this one before, but it sounds like a good one!


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