Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Lethal Lies by Annie Solomon

Mitch Turner has been very careful for years, living under the radar.  He pays cash for everything, requests cash under the table for odd jobs, and doesn't stay very long in one place.  His daughter Julia yearns for a home, a dog; some stability.  It breaks his heart he cannot give it to her, but he dare not risk it.

When Mitch jumped in a river to rescue a jumping teenager, he doesn't know what compelled him.  It's always been his motto of not getting involved, staying under the radar.  But saving that girl tagged him a local hero, and unfortunately for him, his paper in the big city papers.

Julia begs him to let them stay in the town awhile, and he promises her until Christmas.  He gets a job at a local diner and things seem to be going along nicely, until a killer makes his presence known in town.

All clues point toward Mitch, and he's arrested.  Julie is ripped from his arms, and he will do anything to find her and keep her back.  Neesy Brown, a curvy and fiesty waitress, that works at the diner, wants to help Mitch.  He cannot afford to fall for her, but he will take any help he can get.  Neesy always seems to fall for the bad guys, and even though he is suspected of murder, she can't help herself.  Just something about her draws her and she convinces herself that he is a good man.   The two could see a future together, including Julia, if they can outsmart the killer and find Mitch's daughter before it's too late.

Annie Solomon is a master at her craft.  The tension is on point from the very beginning, and the suspense builds and builds throughout, until a shocking and riveting climax.  Romantic Suspense lovers will enjoy this deftly blended novel of desire, intrigue, and danger.

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