Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris - Review and Giveaway

Tim Farnsworth has a rare and unnamed disease.  In the opening pages of Joshua Ferris's newest novel, Tim reveals that "it's back." It seems that they, his wife and daughter, have gone through two previous episodes of this life-altering disease.  Now, they are about to start their third one.

Tim has a disease that causes him to walk, and walk, and walk until he is emotionally and physically exhausted.  His disease takes him across many states and many climates, often times resulting in harm to his body.  When he comes back to himself, he calls his wife Jane to come get him.  It's a shocking and devastating disease. 

His family is left  behind when Tim leaves, never knowing where he is going, or if that will be the last time they see him.  Will he come back dead or alive? Tim, while he walks, is always trying to get control of his body and his mind sometimes gets confused.  For a successful and well-to-do lawyer, his disease risks everything.  With the disease back, Tim cannot work, and they may lose their house and more.

The Unnamed is a heartbreaking story, yet it shows the strength of the human mind and body.  What lengths will one go to to protect those they love?  The story, ultimately, was a little longer than it needed to be to get the point across.  There are only just so many walks before it becomes annoying to this reader.  But I did enjoy the novel and the unique perspective and storyline. 

Thanks to Hatchette Books, I have one copy to give away to a Minding Spot Follower
USA and CANADA only.  No PO Boxes
Winner announced October 17th.



  1. Nice review! The book does look good :)
    If anybody wants to learn more about it, Joshua Ferris will be giving a talk with French author François Beaune, exploring characters as outsiders. This will take place Wednesday, October 27 at 7:30pm at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) as part of their new literary series 'Write About Now'.
    Here's the link for more info: http://www.fiaf.org/events/fall2010/2010-10-27-literature.shtml

  2. Following from This for That 10/6.
    I entered to win the book :)
    Great blog!


  3. How sad...one never knows what crosses they will have to bare. Please include me in this give away!


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