Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From the Dead by John Herrick

Eleven years ago, Jesse Barlow ran from his small Ohio town to the big city lights of Hollywood.  There, he lives with his girlfriend,works part-time in a photoshop and is still waiting for his next break.  But audtions are thin and Jesse keeps being disappointed. Lately, he is really feeling tired and his nose keeps bleeding, but he shrugs is off.  But when he loses the part at an audition and finds his girlfriend cozied up to another guy, Jesse sinks into a world of darkness and tries to take his own life.  Thanksfully, his girlfriend finds him in time, and Jesse decides it's time to home.

Jesse's family is thrilled to see him, even though Jesse is nervous about seeing his dad after all these years. His dad is a minister and Jesse feels like he has never lived up to his expectation and is a disappointment.  But his dad offers him a job, and Jesse tries to rebuild his life.  He sees some old friends from high school and finally located Caitlyn, his high school sweetheart.  Seeing her though reminds Jesse of what he has been looking for, but finding out the baby they were to abort lives, shocks him.  He has a son.

Jesse's illness escalates but he refuses to seek medical attention and he hides his symptoms from his loved ones.  But when his son Drew is diagnosed with a fatal disease, Jesse doesn't know what to do.  He screams and lashes out at God to help him out of the darkness, but the answer Jesse concludes will affect not only his own life, but those whose lives surround him.

From the Dead is a stunning work.  From the darkest depths of the human spirit to the light and love that surround us, John Herrick has penned an emotional, inspirational, and heart-wrenching novel.  The characters are realistic, yet complex  with a story that will have you still thinking long after the last page has turned.  If you read one book this fall, pick up From the Dead! I highly recommend it!!


  1. What a great review! This one is on my wish list....

  2. Now I really want to read it. Thank you!


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