Sunday, November 28, 2010

Repairing Rainbows by Lynda Fishman

I don't read alot of memoirs, but time to time, one will capture my heart.  One of them is Repairing Rainbows. 

From a family with not alot of money, the opportunity to fly to California for a cousin's barmitzmah is like Christmas all rolled into one.  The three sisters have never flown and are really looking forward to that and spending time with distant relatives.  Young Lynda convinces her parents to let her fly ahead with relatives to get everything ready for their arrival.  Then, her mom and two younger sisters will follow, with Dad flying in last.

What transpires is tragic.  The plane carrying her mom and two sisters crashes and there are no survivors.  Lynda at the time was only twelve.  Her father withdraws into himself, so it is up to Lynda to take care of not only herself, but the house and the future.  Lynda is strong though and decides she wants to live.  Life is all about choices and she has to make some really hard ones.  At a time when a girl really needs her mother, Lynda has no one but herself. 

Within the memoir is pictures of Lynda and her family, memories of her mom and sisters, and how her life flourishes as she picks up the tragic pieces of her life and moves on, finding love and involving herself and her family with fundraising to help children deal withh tragedy and illness.  If you love memoirs, pick this one up today!! Not only will it break your heart, but you will find inspiration and strength from Lynda and her story. 

Lynda will be here in a few days for an interview and a giveaway - so make sure to stop in!!


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