Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The True Love Quilting Club y Lori Wilde

The second installment in Lori Wilde's Twilight series, The True Love Quilting Club will sweep you off of your feet and won't put you down until the very last page.

Trixie Lynn Parks has been struggling in Broadway for twelve long years, and finally decides to pack it up and head back to the one place she was once happy, Twilight, Texas.

But when she is there, she runs into Sam Cheek, a boy she once has a crush on, a boy who told Trixie she was destined for bigger things.  But now, Sam is all grown up and a single father.  Can the two of them find that sizzle they had years ago? And when fame and fortune finally smile upon Trixie, will she choose it over her love for Sam?

The True Love Quilting Club is a sweet and heartwarming romance - perfect to curl up with any afternoon.  The characters are likeable and believable, and she writes with a flourishing way that will keep you turning and turning those pages - captivating!! Although it is the second in the series, you can read this book as a standalone.  I did and did not feel I was missing anything. Don't miss out on this sensational romance!

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  1. I just discovered Lori WIlde a coupel of weeks ago when I stumbled upon and read The First Love Cookie Club. I fell in love with her writinga nd the story and was so glad when I discovered it was book 3 ina series and that I could read more! So now I have the first 2 books waiting for me to read them :-D

    Glad to see this one sounds wonderful too and that you loved it! :-)


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