Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thr3e by Ted Dekker

The cover alone gives you chills!! Creepy!!

One day, after a brief discussion with the dean of acedemic affairs, at his seminology school, Kevin Parson's life changes forever.  He just had a discussion with the dean about the evil in humanity when on his drive home he receives a call on his cell phone.

The caller gives him three minutes to confess his sin or his car will blow up.  The caller, who calls himself Slater, also gives Kevin a riddle.  This begins a harrowing journey over a span of just a few days.  Slater calls with a riddle and a threat, wanting Kevin to confess his sin not only to him on the phone, but also publicly.  The problem is that Kevin doesn't know What sin.  The FBI get involved, and also a girl from Kevin's past, he girl he once loved, may have the key to help Kevin, but that's only if she lives.

Ted Dekker pens a psychological thriller that will give you chills and shock you.  His pen is a sword that dips and parries and will leave you guessing until the very stunning conclusion.  If your looing for a can't put down thriller, pick up Thr3e! You will not be disappointed!!

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