Friday, December 17, 2010

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook by Matt Dunn

Most chick-lit type of books are written by women. So it was a wonderful surprise to see that The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook was written by a man with a man's point of view. 

Edward Middleton has had the same job since college, and is happy with his relationship with Jane.  They met in college and have lived together for ten years.  So it's a shock that HE is shocked when Jane leaves him a Dear John letter, leaving him, but stating it really is HIM and not her. 

Edward doesn't understand why she would leave him.  Sure he may have let himself go a bit, and even though Jane thinks he has no goals, he enjoys his job.  He loves her, she loves him - end of story.  But when Jane leaves, Eddie gets a wake up call.

His best friend Dan, a pompous TV celebrity, convinces Eddie that he can get Jane back if he makes some changes.  He also tries to tell Eddie that ten years as cohabitants, Jane surely wanted more.  Is Eddie that dense? Even though Dan is pompous and full of himself, and at times annoying, he is a good friend to Eddie. 

Eddie begins a journey of re-discovering himself and a complete makeover.  But is he really seeing the point? Did Jane really mean she wanted him to look better? Will she take him back or will Eddie finally realize what Jane and He had all along?

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook is a refreshing chick-lit page-turner.  Witty, wildly entertaining and a fresh perspective coming from the man's point of view, this one is a sure-fire hit!


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  2. You talked me into it. Just put myself on the reserve list at the library!


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