Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interview with author Lynda Fishman and Giveaway

The other day I reviewed Lynda's book, Repairing Rainbows.  I had the pleasure of talking to Lynda briefly about her book.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your fundraising cause for children of tragedy's and illnesses?

The Repairing Rainbows Fund provides financial support to a wonderful organization that helps grieving children and their families.

2. Can you give us an overview of the day in the life of Lynda Fishman?

I keep extremely busy. I own and operate Adventure Valley, which is a summer day camp, an outdoor education centre and an event venue, and I am a motivational and inspirational speaker and facilitator. We have three big dogs who love going for walks, and we are an official kitten rescue foster home.

3. Any plans on writing another book?

No - I completely dedicated myself to writing Repairing Rainbows. Now I am delighted to be busy with speaking engagements and book tours.

4. Any hobbies? Besides writing and your fundraising?

All of our animals!

5. Any advice for those trying to find their own rainbows in life?

There is a rainbow in every storm. Even when life feels like it has completely collapsed, do whatever you can to take baby steps. At every juncture, you have to decide whether to succumb to or overcome the challenges or the sorrow. If you are determined to move forward, then even when hope seems far away, you must refuse to give up.

That 'alone' feeling is comparable to being lost in the woods. Would you just stand there? Would you pace aimlessly in circles? Or would you choose a direction and walk?
When you’re scared and suffering, I think it’s important to escape from the painful reality of your life, to a place where you can feel better. A place in your mind where only happy, peaceful thoughts are allowed to enter. Like a private club, admission is limited to the thoughts that make you feel good. The negative, sad and scary thoughts are stopped at the door.

Even back when the tragedy first occurred, I knew and believed that the one thing no one can take away from you, is your ability to control your thoughts, and your ability to dream. Dreaming gave me hope. I could daydream about the future, to when times would be easier. A future filled with happiness, safety and security. Laughter and gratitude.

As people, our power lies in how we respond to the circumstances which face us in our life. The circumstances can be looked at from many different angles. In other words, we can choose HOW to look at any situation, no matter what it is. No matter what you are faced with, you always have the ability to escape from the reality of your life, and nurture your mind with thoughts and dreams about things getting better. You have complete control over your thoughts. And you have complete control over your ability to dream. No one can steal your dreams.

We have a variety of options at our fingertips, when it comes to our reactions, views and perspectives. We can choose thoughts that are inspiring and empowering. We can think about ways to persevere and overcome, or we can become victims.

Thinking back to when my entire life had fallen apart, I realize that I replaced the fear and panic with hope and dreams. I believed that somehow things would get better. Instead of dwelling on all of the ‘bad’ things that I had to endure, I chose to acknowledge the good things, even when it felt like I was grasping at whatever I could, to stay hopeful, strong and positive. I chose to dream, to visualize, to imagine, to believe, to persevere. And to never give up. I searched for ways to be grateful. I kept (and still do) extremely busy and distracted with things I enjoyed, things that made me feel good.

Most importantly, I never let go of my optimism and faith in the future. Somehow I intuitively believed that despite the pain, I could make some good choices, write my own story, create my own life.

The most meaningful lesson for me has been the importance of focusing on the good, finding the rainbow in every storm. And in that rainbow, there is gratitude and appreciation. “Thank you” as a predominant idea and feeling was critical for me.

To this day, I choose to take a favourable view, even if I have to grasp at straws to find a glimmer of positivity. I will find a way to focus on the positives, look at the bright side, expect the best, and somehow remain optimistic. No matter what, you must find something positive to focus on. Positivity breeds positivity.

Thanks so much for visiting with us today Lynda!!


Lynda is generously giving a copy of her memoir, Repairing Rainbows, to one Minding Spot reader!!

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