Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Jumper Chronicles: The Quest for Merlin's Map by W.C. Peever

First, I want to say how much I love the cover of this book.  The artist did a fantastic job. 

When Charlie Burrows was two, his father disappeared.  So, at a young age he became the "man" of the house, it's just something he has always known.   On his twelveth birthday, he and his friend Bailey are instantly transported to Thornfield School, unbeknown to them until they awake.  A man had come to the house earlier wanting to take them to England, saying their fathers had died in honor to the Queen, but Bailey and Charlie didn't trust the man.  Now, in a strange school, he learns he is descended from a long line of druids, and may have special abilities. 

As his own new abilities emerge, and that of his friends, the school has a contest.  Whomever can find Merlin's sword, Excalibur, will get an additional new ability.  But the stakes are high and he danger is great, as not only the students want to win it, but so does Vanari, an evil man who wants to use Merlin's secrets for his own agenda.

A young adult adventure with suspense, danger, magic, and great characters and beings, Jumper is a wonderful and entertaining escape to another world.  The comradeship between Charlie and his friends is endearing, and watching how the young ones mature is realistic.  W.C. Peever's first book in this new series will have young adults and adults alike clamoring for the next in this series.  Although it sounds much like the acclaimed Harry Potter books, The Jumper Chronicles has a voice all of it's own.  Highly recommend!

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  1. The cover is very intriguing. I think my kids would really love this book.


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