Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Pirate's Possession by Michelle Beattie

Claire Gentry has disguised herself as a pirate and a lad for many years in her quest. Years ago, her father was determined to find a hundred year old pirate treasure, so he left Claire at an orphanage vowing to return for her when he found the treasure. He never came home, but Claire remembered vividly the half of treasure map her father had. Now, she is determined to find the other half of the map, the treasure, and her father.

Nate Carter is a pirate who yearns to set his sails and live on land in a house he recently built. But first, he wants to find the treasure that Claire and he used to talk about when they were both at the orphanage. Winning the other half of the treasure map in a game of cards, he had no idea he had beat Claire, who was dressed as a filthy lad. But when someone is determined to get the map or the treasure at any cost, he allows Claire aboard his ship.

Claire and Nate loved one another when they were at the orphanage, but Nate left to make a living, promising Claire he would return for her. Claire, tired of waiting, marries another, not knowing that Nate had returned and left immediately, heartbroken Claire did not wait for him. Claire hardens her heart against the return of those feelings as the two of them work together to find the treasure, and her father before the pirate following them does.

Nate, even knowing Claire is married, cannot squash his feelings and love for Claire. The two of them may both want the treasure for their own reasons, but can they push them aside for a possible future?

A PIRATE'S POSSESSION is a high seas adventure filled with passion, intrigue, and buried treasure. Claire and Nate compliment one another perfectly, but they both have secrets and if revealed, could hurt any possible future together. Ms. Beattie writes a thrilling pirate romance that will set your senses afire!

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