Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silver Kiss by Naomi Clark

Ayla Hammond left her family and Pack years ago.  With the recent murder of her cousin Adam, Ayla returns to her family and Pack, with human girlfriend Shannon in tow.

Ayla works in a tattoo parlor to make ends meet while she waits to hear about a possible job with the police force.  Shannon is a private investigator.  When Ayla is welcomed back to the Pack during a werewolf ceremony, she is happy to be back, yet pensive.  While there, the kids were smoking rolled cigarettes they call Silver Kiss.

Later, a young teen is missing.  Shannon is called to the case and though she wants to pass it to someone else, the mother feels that with Ayla's help, they can find her child.  Since the mom was cast from the Pack years ago, Ayla's werewolf contacts would come in handy in Shannon's investigation.

But while Ayla and Shannon try to find their niche in the family and the werewolf community, the new street drug, Silver Kiss, is creating it's own problems.  The drug creates rage in the werewolves and it is highly addicting.  Are the two cases related? Or perhaps cousin Adam's killer was closer to home that anyone thought.

A unique and compelling storyline and strong relatable characters set the pace in this tale of danger, paranormal, and love.  I found it odd that the humans just accepted the werewolves in their community;I would have liked to have had some backstory on that issue, but the story was fast-paced and held my attention.  I hope this is only the first book of a new series; I'd really like to see more of these characters and their world.  If you like to read urban fantasy, pick up Silver Kiss.  You're in for a treat!

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