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Werewolves for Christmas - Guest Post by Naomi Clark

Werewolves for Christmas

You'd probably be forgiven for not immediately thinking "Christmas" when you think of werewolves. But in Romania and Moldova, it has long been believed that werewolves are more likely to appear at Christmas, and historically the practice of carol singing was accompanied by dressing as animals in these countries too. It was also once believed that a child born on Christmas Eve would be cursed to become a werewolf, since giving birth on such a sacred date was considered blasphemy.

Although in the Urban Wolf world you won't find such curses being laid down, I do like to think my werewolves have their own Christmas traditions, handed down throughout the generations. Of course now that Ayla Hammond is back in the town she grew up in and reunited with her family, she's going to have plenty of presents to buy – an appropriately wolfy perfume for her mum; maybe something with a hint of nightshade in it, a plant long associated with werewolves. For her dad, a selection of male grooming products to deal with that unruly werewolf fur. And for Shannon, who's very human but surrounded by werewolves? A little elegant silver jewellery will always go down well.

When it comes to carol singing, a chorus of werewolf howls would certainly add a unique touch to the festivities, and who better than a werewolf to bring in a big juicy turkey for the table? They'd be great for the carving too. The plucking and cooking might be better left to someone else, unless your werewolf is a superb chef, like Ayla's best friend, Vince.
For the Christmas party, nobody's going to bring the glitz and glamour like Glory, another of Ayla's friends, and a werewolf who won't go anywhere without bringing some festive cheer. I like to imagine there'd be plenty of party games for Glory's Christmas celebrations, probably involving wigs, crackers, and a lot of booze.
And if you don't fancy a werewolf for Christmas, don't worry – a sprig of wolfsbane or monkshood at the door should guarantee you a wolf-free day. Although personally, I think I'd always find room for a werewolf at my Christmas table – I'm certain there'd be no leftover turkey to deal with!

Naomi Clark is the author of SILVER KISS, the first book in the Urban Wolf series featuring lesbian werewolf Ayla Hammond. Forthcoming in 2011 is book two in the series, BLOOD HUNT. A former army brat, Naomi is now happily settled in Cambridge. She has been writing stories ever since she learned to write. A lifelong fascination with dragons, monsters, magic and ghosts eventually lead her to urban fantasy.

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