Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eden Fantasys - Valentine's is Right around the Corner!! ** ADULT POST**

I've posted before about a few items from Eden Fantasys.  But with Valentine's Day right around the corner - really, it will be here before you know it!  - it's not too early to start thinking ahead!! 

Eden Fantasys offers adult toys, sexy lingerie, adult movies, sensual oils, candles and more.  Everything to make your romantic evening just that - romantic and sexy!!

Floating Hearts Candles - Turn your bathroom into a romantic shrine with the Floating hearts by Bell-A-Roma candles. The package contains 6 floating heart-shaped candles, 1 3/4" wide each. The burning time of these candles is approximately 2 hours. You can choose from 4 gentle colors: pink, red, purple and blue. This accessory set is great for creating a sensuous and gentle atmosphere for love-making.

Valentine's Day is also one of the biggest wedding days of the year!! So, if your planning a bridal shower, why not check out Eden Fantasys for some of their party favors? These are sure to be a big hit!! Tastee Tattoos! You can pass these out - or you can get them for your romantic night on Valentine's Day!

Tastee Tattoos are a deliciously sensual alternative to real tattoos. Some think they are even better than real tattoos because you can lick and nibble these ones off of your lover. They come in assorted shapes and sizes such as hearts, arrows, palm trees, doves, and stars. And you’ll be spending plenty of time eating these off of your honey as they come with about 40 tattoos per box.

So as your starting to prepare for that special Valentine's Day with your sweetie, think ahead and check out Eden Fantasys.  Romance, fun, and toys for the adults!  Great customer service, and all packages are shipped in a discreet box. 


  1. the edible tattoos are real treats, I will have to try some.

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