Monday, January 24, 2011

I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

Eden did a very bad thing, and for punishment, was taken out of service and banished to her bottle for centuries.  But Eden really desires her freedom, so when a freak accident occurs and her bottle stopper falls out, she will do whatever it takes not to return.

Matt Ewing just wanted to help the damsel who was obviously in distress, what with her barely there harem outfit and laying out cold in his lap.  He didn't anticipate the beauty to throw herself at him, literally, and want ravished.

Although tempted he pushes Eden away and helps her remove the golden manacles on her wrists.  But Eden convinces Matt she is a real bonafide genie and offers him a gratitude wish for helping her.  Even though his construction business is hurting, he declines her offer.

But when Eden explains that until she finds her bottle, and has that and the manacles and the stopper in her possession, her keeper can still entrap her back to the service.  Unfortunately, Faruq wants Eden for himself and will do whatever it takes to locate her, even if it means removing the mortal Matt from existance.

With the help of a talking cat, Obo, some magical antics, flying carpet, and romance, I Dream of Genies will capture your imagination and your heart and won't let go.  Eden knows that if she falls in love, she loses her magic and becomes mortal, but is Matt worth it? Matt isn't looking for a serious relationship, but there is something about Eden that makes his heart soar.  Can he let her go back into Genie Service or will he listen to his heart?

If your looking for a magical romance, with quirky genie antics, a talking cat, humourous situations and hot sizzling love scenes, look no further than I Dream of Genies.  Barbara Eden ( I Dream of Jeannie) may have set the standard for Genies, but Eden has raised the bar! Spectacular!!

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