Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Least Wanted by Debbie Mack

ABOUT THE BOOK: Maryland lawyer Stephanie Ann "Sam" McRae has two tough cases that quickly turn worse, when both clients—a poor black girl and a white, middle-class man—are accused of murder. Sam's inquiries into the cases lead her to Washington, DC's suburban ghettos where she discovers an odd link between them: the seamy world of girl gangs and computer pornography.

The stakes rise considerably as more people die at the hands of a maniacal killer who'll do anything to keep Sam from learning the truth. Sam races to clear her clients before she becomes the next victim.

MY THOUGHTS:  Sam is a gritty and strong character with a purpose.  She appeals to the reader, and with Debbie's writing, I really came to care what Sam did and thought.  The plot weaved and twisted as Sam investigated and tried to find the connection between her cases, taking her into danger, on the streets and in the courtroom. She is determined to help her clients and it carries though the novel until the we find out who, what, and why that will leave you satisfied, yet wanting.  Least Wanted is the second book in the series.  Identity Crisis is her previous work, but she cannot write fast enough.  More, More, More!! Least Wanted stands alone, but be sure I will be seeking out Identity Crisis to learn more about this strong and compelling character!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Debbi's first Sam McRae novel, Identity Crisis, was first published in 2005, but went out of print nine months later when the small press that issued it had financial problems. However, Debbi reissued the book herself in 2009 through She has also written several short stories featured in two of the Chesapeake Crimes anthologies and other publications.

Along with her journalism and law degrees, Debbi has a Master of Library Science. After practicing law, she worked as a Dow Jones news wire reporter, a reference librarian and a freelance writer/researcher. Debbi has also organized a fundraiser for research to cure dystonia, a rare movement disorder that she developed several months after having a stroke in 2004.

Debbi's favorite hobbies, along with reading books and watching films, is traveling, watching baseball, bicycling and walking just about anywhere. Among her other life goals are to travel the world and see a game at every major league baseball park. She and her husband live in Columbia, MD with their cats. And she doesn't run from bullies anymore.

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