Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie Force

First Officer Cole Langston is a hero.   A while back he landed a plane during a blizzard and tried to help the Captain, who was having a heart attack.  Since then, he has been hounded by the paparrazi, women fall at his feet, he's on the cover of magazines, and on many talk shows.  Life is sweet.

Olivia paints, goes to school, and works at a kiosk at the airport.  She lives with her parents to save money.  Her dad is a car salesman, and her mom has trouble with hoarding.  But besides all the problems in her life, she is a pretty go lucky girl. 

When an angry customer gets in Olivia's face at her airport job, Cole, standing in line, goes to defend her but instead catches a fist to the face.  He is knocked out cold, but when he comes to, it is Olivia's face he sees.  He is instantly besotted.  However, much to his amusement, she doesn't know who he is!

Olivia finds him very attractive, but when she realizes who he is, she isn't interested.  Even when Cole pursues Olivia, she is unsure.  Everywhere they go, people throw themselves at Cole.  Is she just another one of his conquests? Will Cole give up all the perks of notoriaty for love?

A very sweet romance - perfect to curl up with a cup of tea.  Two very realistic characters set against a contempary setting with real issues and relationships.  Most romances gloss over the insecurities and jealousy, but Marie Force meets the issues head on.  With the sub-plot of Olivia's mom's hoarding, you will have your heart strings tugged.  Fast-paced, great dialogue and filled with passion and great characters, Everyone Loves a Hero is a pure delight!

Marie will be here on February 8th for a chat and giveaway opportunity! Make sure to stop in!!

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