Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finding Destiny by Jean Johnson

Finding Destiny is set in the same worlds as Jean Johnson's best-selling series, the Sons of Destniy. However, whereas in that series, each book was about one of the sons, in Finding Destiny, is a novella compiled of four short stories set in different kingdoms of the same universe.

In the kingdom of Sundara, Eduar's owner suddenly dies of natural causes, thus freeing him. But many believe Eduar needs to go back to Mandare, where he can return to being a slave. The beatings were one thing, but his elderly mistress tormented him in other ways. When he meets the beautiful Arban dara, Chanson, Eduara is more determined than ever to remain free.

In the kingdom of Guildara, Sir Zeilas is confused why the kingdom seems to be preparing for war when they profess to have peaceful intentions. But they are in actuality, rebuilding their war-torn country and relying on engineers and technology. He was sent to the kingdom from Aurul as a diplomat to help strengthen the bond between the two kingdoms. But when he meets the beautiful leader of the Guildaraians, Marta, Sir Zeilas would give up his ambassadorship to court her.

In the kingdom of Aurul, Gabria arrives to help form an alliance between her kingdom of Guildara and Aurul. She is confused as to why she is treated as royalty, until she learns that it has been prophecized that she will marry the King. King Devin talks to Gabria in her mind and tries to calm her into marrying him, but will she be able to love him?

In the Jenodan Isles, Ellett is sent by King Devin to find out why the merchant ships are being attacked. Ellett, two months on the ship, is in dire need of female companionship. So when he runs into the Pirate Captain Mita, who is very luscious looking, Ellett sets his mark. But will Mita return the desire?

Finding Destiny is a trip into other worlds with extraordinary characters, all looking for love. Some are adventuresome, and some are sweet and passionate, but all of the stories have excellent world building and sensual and blazing hot love scenes. Whether you enjoy a tale of Royalty or on the high seas, in Finding Destiny, you are sure to find enjoyment.

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