Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Mistress House by Leigh Michaels

The Earl of Hawthorne, Thorne, is a notorious rake.  So when the house across his back garden comes on the market, he buys it.  It will be perfect to stow a mistress and with his own backyard hugging it, no one will know of his comings and goings.

Lady Anne Keighley is a young and beautiful widow, who was left with a large inheritance that is bringing out all of the fortune hunters.  Anne has no desire to marry again, so she beseeches Thorne to ruin her so she can be alone and have control of her own money.

What she didn't count on, nor him, was falling in love with one another.  So, Anne moves in with Thorne, and with the house empty, Anne offers it to her childhood friend, Felicity.

Felicity is determined to have a child with Lord Colford, whose brother had ruined her and then passed away. Even though she believes Richard is married, she has set her cap on him to give her a child.  But passion sizzles and love blooms, marriage or no marriage.

Thorne's eighteen year old ward, Georgiana, is trying to escape an arranged marriage.  Thorne puts her at the Mistress House.  With the arrival of Thorne's cousin, Lord Julian Silsby, who is also trying to escape an arranged marriage, things heat up.  Especially when Georgiana approaches him about schooling her in how to become a mistress. 

The Mistress House is a delightful regency romance, with the Mistress House the common denominator for all three connected romances.  Leigh's characters are vibrant, fresh, and fiesty, with her Lords handsome and brimming with sexuality.  The love scenes are sizzling hot!! Your dance card will be full with these sensual stories, but you will be extremely satisfied.  A highly recommended romantic read!

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