Sunday, February 13, 2011

Night of the Snake Witch by C.J. Thomas

Alexandra Kendall is married to her job.  She almost got married once, but in her mind, her career comes first.  She's worked her way up from the bottom to Vice President.  Her company has just won a huge contract of putting in a pipeline from Alaska through Montana, California and the Dakotas.  With so much work to do, there wasn't time left for love.

Nick Salva is determined to have Alexandra -- at any cost.  Even when Alexandra's old flame Joe reappears on the scene to help with the Pipeline, it doesn't hinder Nick.  Alexandra and Joe may have rekindled an old flame, but Nick has no problem with bringing voodoo into the picture to help him achieve what he wants - even if someone winds up dead.

The book is full of great characters, action and adventure, murder and suspense.  In fact, I went into this novel with high hopes.  However, the lack of editing really ruined it for me.  Spellcheck would have went a long way, and unfortunately, when that is so blatantly obvious, it takes your attention from the story and focuses it on the writing.  With a good editor, this could be an exceptional book.

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