Monday, February 21, 2011

Pump Up Your Book Tour: Sheetrock Angel by Jeanne C. Davis

Audrey James is getting divorced, moving into a fixer-upper new home, and her job is really stressing her out. Her mom has been in the loony bin for years for schizophrenia, but it doesn't mean she is going to get it too, but things are falling down around her fast.

But then she starts hearing things... and seeing things.. it reminds her of how things were with her mom when she was growing up.  Scary and heartbreaking.  Then her drywall guy winds up dead and she is coping with not only him, but her ex-husband his best friend too.  How much can one woman take?

Between murder and kidnapping, with all of her friends and acquaintences involved, Audrey isn't sure whom to trust, especially when she is second guessing her own actions and mentality.

A thrilling tale of murder and questioning of oneself's mentality that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.  Brimming with sharp and clever characters, a solid and unique plot, and excellent dialogue, Sheetrock Angel is a delightful whodunnit with a fun twist.


Before Jeanne C. Davis seriously entertained writing a novel, she wrote for radio and television including staff jobs on DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN and the modern prequel to the BONANZA series, THE PONDEROSA. Between the numerous drafts of SHEETROCK ANGEL, she wrote, produced and directed the independent feature THE UNIFORM MOTION OF FOLLY. Her early career had little to do with writing – other than in her journal – and everything to do with living. She was a Pan Am purser.
As with most authors, she has stolen a couple of incidents directly from her own life, but SHEETROCK ANGEL is not autobiographical. She did marry actor Ben Murphy, but he is not to be confused with the actor character in the book. Ben and she remain dear friends.

She is currently working on a novel based on her experiences with Pan Am while in preproduction on another independent feature with niece, Morgan Davis, called LIP SERVICE. She is also continuing work on a documentary about her family with editor Charlene Huston. Her great-grandfather brought one of the first carousels to California and merry-go-rounds were a family business until her father retired in the 1980s.

You can visit Jeanne’s website at or you can go directly to

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