Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shadowspell by Jenna Black

Being cooped up with bodyguards is no fun for a young and beautiful teenager. But then again, neither is running for your life.

Dana Hathaway is a faerie walker. She can walk between worlds; human and faerie. Because of her special ability, many want her dead and many want to use her for her capabilities. Her father keeps her well guarded at all times, but most teenagers need their freedom and Dana is no exception.

When the Wild Hunt comes to town, Dana is meeting her friend Kimber at a local cafe for tea, along with her brother Ethan. Dana has a feelings for Ethan, but he is known to play the field so she is taking things slow.

When Arawn, the Erkling, the leader of the Wild Hunt and his followers stop their motorcycles near Dana's table, she is petrified. She knows that both faerie queens want her dead, maybe they have sent the Erkling to do their bidding. But Arawn wants to make a deal with Dana. If she will take him into the mortal world, he will protect her from the queens.

Dana knows that if she were to take him into the moral world, many would die, so she declines his offer. In retaliation, he feints an attack causing Ethan to try and defend her and ending up in the Erklings clutches. Arawn takes Ethan with him, adding him to his hunt, leaving Dana and Kimber shocked and grief-stricken.

Dana is determined to get Ethan back, even though no one has ever been released from the Wild Hunt before. But will her terms of negotiation backfire on her? The Arawn plays a very dangerous and deadly game, one a young teenager has no experience for. She will need all of her wits and her untapped faerie power if she hopes to free Ethan, but will she be too late?

SHADOWSPELL is a continuation of the first book in the series, GLIMMERGLASS. Dana is a spectactular character with all of the characteristics of a teenager that make her more realistic to the reader. Ms. Black's world of mortals and faeries is built seamlessly and filled with unique characters and unchartered territory that I look forward to being revealed in future books. Brimming with intrigue, action, romance and family matters, SHADOWSPELL is a pure delight! I can't wait for the next one in the series, SIRENSONG, which comes out in July.

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  1. I just placed an order for Glimmerglass at the library. Thanks!


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