Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amazing Crayon Drawing with Lee Hammond

I'm sure we all remember our coloring books and crayons.  We used to see who could stay in the lines.  See the cover of this book? That is all done with crayons.  Absolutely amazing!!

Lee Hammond shows the reader how to create lifelike portraits, pets, landscapes, metal and more.  This book is actually really educational.  The difference between laying that crayon (using it like a colored pencil) and burnishing is discussed as well as the difference it makes with your art.

The paper you use also makes each piece unique as well as discussing how to draw bricks, sand dollars, panthers, teapots and more.  He takes you step by step to get the effect you want.   There are over 29 step-by-step demonstrations covered in this book.  He teaches you how to use a grid to draw true-to-life pictures and also gives you a few tricks of the trade.

This book would be great for any school, personal use or you just want to color.  Trust me - you will look at crayons in a whole new light.  I am absolutely amazed with Lee's drawings, but I can't wait to try it for myself.  Gotta buy me some crayons!!

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