Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bumped by Megan McCafferty

The year is 2035 and a virus has made anyone eighteen and older infertile. Teenagers are urged to carry and deliver and there is a lot of money and fame to be made. The amateurs bump with their boyfriends and then their deliveries are auctioned to the highest bidder. Then there are the professionals, girls who hold out for a high valued contract.

Melody has a contract with the Jaydens. She was one of the first girls to make surrogating cool. The problem though, is that the Jaydens still have not picked out the perfect male and she is already sixteen. Most of her friends have already delivered or are working on their second bump. Her best friend Zen would love to bump with her but he isn't tall enough. So she waits.

Harmony is Melody's twin sister. They were separated at birth, and while Melody was adopted, Harmony was raised in the church. When she turns sixteen, she gets her file and realizes she has a twin sister. She decides to meet Melody and when she realizes that Melody is yearning to surrogate without marriage, she makes it her mission to bring God to her.

The two girls are complete opposites even though they are mirror images of one another. But when the Jaydens finally choose a perfect male for Melody to bump, the wrong person receives the message. What transpires will change the twins' lives forever.

In a society that hinges on young teenagers to procreate, it made this reviewer with a teenage daughter shudder at how accepted it was. Making love is for adults, but bumping is acceptable, in fact urged, if a delivery will be made from it. The characters are likable and the world is easy to understand, even with their slang and new age gadgets. The book ties up nicely but alludes to a second installment. There are sexual relations alluded to and some vulgar language but this book will make you think long after you close the covers.


  1. I recently finished this one, I liked it, i can't to see how it plays out in the next book :)


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