Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clarity by Kim Harrington

Clarity "Clare" Fern is not your average teenager.  She's a psychic.She gets visions from touching objects.  Her mother is a telepath and her brother a medium.  They live in an old Victorian home in the middle of town and the first floor is used soley for business. They do readings for the tourists.

Although the tourists enjoy it, the people who live there find the family to be eccentric and pretty much freaks.  Over the years though, Clare and her brother Perry have learned to adjust to the whispers and taunts.

Clare is still hurting from a recent break-up with her cheating boyfriend, Justin. She tries to play it off though with snarky comments.  When a teenage girl is found murdered, Clare jumps at the chance to help solve the crime.  The family business gets boring and she could use something to help balance the flow. 

However, the lead investigator's son Gabrielle, although good looking, makes it well-known to Clare he doesn't like psychics, even though he likes her. In addition, her ex-boyfriend Justin decides he wants Clare back.  So now Clare is caught in the middle of two boys vying for her attention while she is trying to help solve the crime and find a killer.  When her brother Perry is fingered as the possible culprit, Clare really steps up her game.

Clarity is a quick and entertaining young adult mystery with a splash of the paranormal.  Clare is a spectacular character who embodies your normal teenager with her wit, sarcasm and boy problems.  The mystery is well-thought out and will have you quickly turning pages as the plot escalates until the final reveal of whodunnit.  A very entertaining read that young adults and adults alike can find some enjoyment. 

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