Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Liberation of Alice Love by Abby McDonald

Love this cover! So vibrant!!! 

Mousy London lawyer Alice Love gets her identity stolen and finds her true self in this rocky tale of trust, personality makeovers, and a lying globe-trotting thief. "She didn't leave me any worse off, in the end," Alice says of Ella, a work pal who makes off with Alice's credit card info to set up a new life in Hollywood. But before the ruse is over, Alice retaliates by morphing into a compulsive stalker, taking on Ella's identity, and discovering that a lot of little lies add up to a whole lot of fun. The transformation nearly costs her the love of a good man, but Alice comes (nearly) to her senses by the time she corners her arch-frenemy.

The beginning of the book started out really slow and Alice was a good character, just kind of boring.  But when she decides to find out who took her identity, the book really takes off!! Alice is almost a different person, doing things she never really did before.  Her little white lies slide by but compile until they blow up in her face.  What would you do if someone stole your identity? I'm not sure I would go to the lengths Alice does, but I wouldn't just do nothing either.  Fraud Investigator Nathan is a nice compliment to Alice's character, to say nothing about how attractive he is.

Alice's character blossoms through out the book, as well as the relationship she has with a step-sister.  Will she go back to her humdrum life in the lawyer's office, or will she pick up the extravagant life style her thief is leading with her name?

Abby McDonald spins an entertaining chic-lit novel.  Carefully crafted, the pages just fly by, which I have found most British chic-lit's do.  The writing is smooth and attention grabbing, as well as complex and characters you want to believe in and hope they succeed.  If your looking for a great beach read this summer, or want to while away some hours on a lazy evening, pick up The Liberation of Alice Love!! Laugh out funny and a relevent story for today's society!!


  1. Adding this one to my TBR list! Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing.....


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