Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shadow of a Distant Morning by William Topek

Devlin Caine is a private investigator who is approached by one of Ronald Graham's employees to do some investigative work for him.  Graham wouldn't get his hands dirty hiring an investigator on his own, but he requires Caine's services.  Graham is a wealthy industrialist who is thinking about entering into a venture with a partner, Craig Carlton, and he wants him checked out.

Caine queries about Graham's own employee who does that sort of thing, but is assured the man is indisposed.  What he doesn't tell Caine is that the man was currently floating in the river.  When Caine finds out this information, he decides he wants no more to do with the investigation and wants out.  So he decides to wrap up his investigation of Carlton so he can be done with the whole thing. 

 Unfortunately, the information Caine acquires isn't good news.  Carlton is affiliated with the mob and also has one of his own guys on the inside of Graham's organization.  But Carlton soon winds up dead and Caine is left holding the little black book with it's own cryptic messages that the mob would do anything to get their hands on. But he finds himself bodyguarding Graham's daughter, Melinda. While no hardship, he really hadn't planned for a relationship. But he soon finds himself falling hard for Melinda, which could put a crimp in any future they may have.

Shadow of a Distant Morning is a spectactular debut.  Suspense, romance and action all mesh together into a page-turning whodunnit.  Set in Kansas in the 1930's, the mob organizations are much more dominant then they are today and it really changes the way that some folks did business or how they did things.  Caine is a stellar protagonist with his dry humor and edge-of-your-seat decision making.  Topek has a way with writing that really captures your attention!! I'd love to see this gumshoe in more adventures!

That cover has 1930's all over it! I love the artwork!!

William Topek will be guesting here at the blog on Tuesday - along with a giveaway! Make sure to stop in!!

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