Thursday, April 21, 2011

Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend by Linda Wisdom

Wisdom (Hex in High Heels) expands her paranormal romance universe with the launch of a new series featuring a witch who's part of a supernatural military task force. Hellion Guard Margit "Maggie" O'Malley, backed by a team of assorted supernatural creatures, must protect a troublesome teen girl from the forces that want to sacrifice her to a dark Mayan god. Half-human fire demon Declan owns Damnation Alley, a club catering to nonhumans and containing a portal to the demon world. The two are drawn together by dreams and visions, allowing them to express their mutual interest even as they distrust each other in the real world.

Maggie is a fiesty character with grit.  She is a witch who is also part of a task force that brings down bad guys and she does it very well.  She has no desire for love or babies, so it a little out of her element when she is thrown into a new mission.  Protect a teenage girl who is slated to be a human sacrifice and she is partnered with a yummy half-deman who goes by Declan.

Declan owns a club that also has a portal to the otherworld and he guards it well.  When he teams up with Maggie to protect young Courtney, their close proximity flares up their libidos.  They need to stay on top of the case and keep their desire for one another under the radar as demons and other world beings are not supposed to be together.  With some sassy and humorous dialogue and genuine likable characters, Linda Wisdom has penned another fabulous paranormal romp!  You'll love the supernatural beings introducted in Demon's Are A Girl's Best Friend and there is some serious butt-kicking to boot! Sizzling romance and a fun page-turning plot will keep you entertained.  Magically delicious!

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