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The Gods Among Us By William Deen

The Gods Among Us takes its readers from the North American continent in 10,000 B.C., through the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt in 3500 B.C., and the Indus Valley Civilization in 2000 B.C. It follows the paths and battles of the god Enki and his malevolent half-brother, Inlil.

Our story begins when Inlil is banished to Earth in the guise of a wolf. His father, Anu, warns Inlil not to encroach upon the domain of man. However, Inlil soon discovers the empowerment that comes with the pain and suffering of man. In addition, he discovers a gift provided by his father. The power of versipellis. In the guise of the Egyptian god Apep and the Zoroastrian demon Ahriman, Inlil disobeys his father and embarks on a path of

death and destruction to empower his being. He is intent on returning to Nibiru, seeking vengeance upon those who opposed him, and ascending to his father's throne.
Given the mission of saving his father's realm and returning Inlil for banishment to the underworld, Enki, journeys to Earth. Given the gift of aves and in the form of a white eagle, Enki is determined to capture Inlil and save his father's throne. Soon after arriving, he discovers the abilities his half-brother possesses. In addition, he realizes his

own abilities, bestowed upon him by Anu. However, after his first encounter with Inlil, Enki realizes there is more at stake than his father's throne. Assuming the personas of an Egyptian nomad called Thabit and a former soldier in the army of Ur named Assim, Enki develops a fondness for humanity. Moreover, he recognizes the fact that his half-brother will not be satisfied until all of mankind has suffered and died.

The Gods Among Us is a story of family, brotherhood and the power. Inlil is the son of Anu and for too long Anu has been letting his son do as he pleased with no consequence.  But when his malevolence leads to the defilement of a woman who eventually bears a son for Inlil, the Lord of Nibiru cannot ignore the problem any longer.  For years Inlil has been causing chaos with the other gods and their planets.  Now if Anu wants to retain his throne he must get the respect from his loyal people for good. But at what point does a father have to choose between his kingdom and his son?
Lord of Nibiru,

 So Anu punishes Inlil by banishing him to Earth in the form of a wolf but if he ever approaches the humans he will be imprisoned in Ganzir. Inlil relishes the power he feels as a wolf with the humans as prey but he soon realizes that his father has given him the gift of versipellis and he soon takes the form of a god.  He will not be derailed in his pursuit of reigning terror upon the people even when his half-brother Enki pursues him on his own mission for the kingdom.

The Gods Among Us is a unique take on the world of gods.  It took a little while to get used to the way of the people and the worlds but the characters are very well developed and the story written in such an astounding way it was really easy to understand.  It didn't take me long before I was caught up in their worlds and wondering what was going to happen next.  Unpredicatable, well-executed and fast-paced, The Gods Among Us is an unexpected treat.

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