Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Reunion: It's All About Me! by Laura Macy

I don't know about you but as I get older, I dread class reunions.  I like that year or so notice of its approaching date so I have time to decide - will I go or won't I? Do I want to lose that twenty pounds or does it matter?

Project Reunion: It's All About Me! is a charming and entertaining story about Laura's upcoming class reunion.  It's written in journal format, which makes it a very quick read.

She agrees to attend the reunion before she really thinks about it.  After she realizes what she has done, the fun sets in.  Must find and visit the fountain of youth! What will the other classmates think if she has wrinkles?  Her journey is humorous, and we really get to know her family and best friend Gail.  Quirky like most families, you will find enjoyment between the pages of this delightful book.  But really, improving yourself is wonderful but you can only really be yourself.  Macy writes with wit, charm and with flourish.  I really enjoyed this entertaining tale! I kept shaking my head in agreement, laughing and all in all, enjoying myself.  High marks!!

Laura Macy is a transplanted New Yorker of Italian origin. At the age of three, she began dancing and has been known to take a quick pointe class here and there to this day. Laura’s first major role was that of Gretel in the musical play, HANSEL AND GRETEL, in the fourth grade. By the time she was sixteen years old, she modeled eye makeup and hair. Earning a B.A. degree from William Paterson University of New Jersey in Art and Theatre, Laura became what she refers to as the “Infomercial Queen” of New York City. Besides live appearances on NBC and ABC talk and magazine news shows, television and film became more time consuming. After joining AFTRA, at HB Studios in New York, Laura sharpened her skills as a performer. Among many credits, are included THE EDUCATION OF MAX BICKFORD, SOPRANOS, SEX AND THE CITY, LAW AND ORDER (and its many variations), THIRD WATCH, SPIDERMAN II, MAID IN MANHATTAN, TWO WEEKS NOTICE DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, THE MAGICIAN. She performed her own stunts as “Bonnie Goldblatt” in BRAVO’S mini-series – ART CRIMES AND MYSTERIES. Occasionally, Ms. Macy had been invited to participate in panel discussions known as “Actors On Acting”. Laura, appreciative of mentoring that she has experienced along the way, enjoys easing eager newcomers into confidence and comfort while engaging in auditions, callbacks and “the role”. Currently, she is on the teaching staff of ZAPPA STUDIOS in Sharonville, Ohio.

Once Laura semi-retired in Ohio, she joined DATV in order to learn her way around the other side of the camera, to produce her own children’s show. With that still in mind, involvement at DATV has led to performances in GHOSTHUNTERS, HARPER’S BAZZAROWORLD, COMING UP FOR AIR, MOUSECLICKS (host), THE VETERANS’ ENTERTAINMENT HOUR (host), THE MITCHELL-MC KRACKEN REPORT and CITIZEN’S IMPACT. Laura can be seen in various commercials and training films as well. She has found time to study VOICE ACTING with RON ALLAN at BIG VOICE PRODUCTIONS and has a few radio commercials under her belt.

It was at DATV that Laura met Larry Haney, where in spite of the fact that she still needed OnStar to get around a camera, he coached her through the tech classes. The team began working seriously together on various shows at DATV. With the same quirky vision, the duo created ROCCO AND THE ALIENS, a full length comedy screenplay. Their next screenplay is another comedy SOS, involving vigilante pirate want-to-be’s. They are developing a Sitcom: DARLA DARLING – THE DOMESTIC DIVA, which is I LOVE LUCY meets MARTH STEWART.
Thanks to Laura’s patient grandmother, she learned the valuable craft of sewing. Under the banner of FINE ARTS by LAURALYNN, Ms. Macy has executed costumes for various film and live productions. She can proudly take a bow for the costumes that have won her clients awards and prizes over the years! If it exists, it can be sewn and worn majestically is Laura’s creed.

Ms Macy has written and illustrated children’s books: A BABY DOLL FOR CHRISTMAS, BUSTER, and FLUFFY. Humorous fictionalized autobiographical writing include, PROJECT REUNION – IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, WELCOME BACK SUGAR VALLEY CLASS OF ’67, and THE WRONG LINE OF WORK.

Her greatest achievements of her life, Laura feels are:
1. A son – Nick, who is a drummer with Off-Broadway credits of his own for lighting, sound, special effects and pyrotechnics. He owns StoneCliff Enterprises which provides PR, marketing and production for the entertainment industry.
2. A daughter – Tiffany, who is a dancer (Joffrey Ballet) turned model (Barbie anyone?) and the mother of the best of the best: Todd (6 years old), Tess (five years old), and Tanner (just about three).

When no one is looking, Laura may be found reading or embroidering with her cat Priscilla curled up on her lap.

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