Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tour: The Third by Abel Keogh

Ransom Lawe works at the recycling plant.  Back in the day the position would have been called a garbage man, but times have changed and so has the job.  In this time, everything is recycled, even houses and trees.

In this not so distant future time, there are no cars and water and food are rationed.  Women are allowed to only have two children.   If they have a third, they must have a "credit" for it, or the Census Bureau Sentinals will come take the female to the infirmary and take care of the problem.

His wife, Teya, works for Dr. Redgrave, taking blood samples most of her day, basic pregnancy tests.  But Teya has been switching her own blood samples with others so no one realizes she is pregnant.  She and Ransom already have two boys and she isn't sure what they are going to do.

Teya's sister is the Director of Population Control and won't ever use her credit, so that she can set a good example.  When she finds out her sister is pregnant, instead of giving her the spare credit, she calls the Sentinals and Teya is sent to the infirmary.  Ransom has five days to come up with a credit or Teya will lose the baby.

A woman Ransom had helped on the rails approaches Ransom that she can help him.  She wants to repay his kindness in helping her save her whining child from a Sentinal, but what she offers Ransom can't refuse.  A life in a new greener area where the people can have as many children as they want and the food isn't rotten is too good to  be true.  But she and her people will only help Ransom free Teya and escape if he agrees to her demands.  Ransom will have to make a choice for his family in a limited amount of time.  Politics or Family?

The Third is a page-turning dystopian novel that will keep you up late at night! I couldn't put this book down.  The world Keogh paints is desperate and full of despair.  The characters are realistic and even a glimmer of hope lights up their persona.  Jam packed with action, love, choices against a bleak landscape will have you on the edge-of-your-seat hoping for a happy outcome when there is little hope.

The author's website is http://abelkeogh.com/

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  1. I'm adding this one to my list ~ Great review!


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