Monday, May 16, 2011

Treasure Me by Christine Nolfi

Birdie is a thief, even though she wants to go legit.  But she's carried a scrap of paper her mom gave her for years, a clue to a treasure.  Birdie wants that treasure so she can afford to not be a thief.  She arrives in Liberty, a very small town, and immediately go to the Second Chance Grill, a place she saw in the newspaper that was the home of the painting she was seeking.  The painting is of Justice Postell, a freedwoman who went north years ago, carrying the baby of the plantation owner.  The owner being Birdie's great-grandfather.  Birdie figures that if she can find the portrait, it will give her the next clue to the big treasure.

Hugh is an investigative reporter who has a problem keeping his pants up. Getting fired because he misses so many deadlines seems to be things a bit more in perspective for him.  His boss offers him a proposition - go to Liberty to follow up on a possible scam without a paycheck and if he can deliver the goods, he saves his job.

Hugh and Birdie arrive at the restaurant at the same time and both want the only available apartment in town.  The proprieter bades them to share it, with Birdie waitressing to work off her share.  They don't like it and they don't like each other, but there is something sizzling between then.

Birdie meets Theodora, an elderly woman who is a spitfire.   She takes to Birdie immediately and shares her stories about Justice.  Birdie is enraptured.  She's always wanted a family.  Her mom was a thief and her father in prison.  Birdie also finds some new clues to the rubies while she is making new friends in the small town.  She's never stayed long in any place, but she'd like to stay here.  Unfortunately, she knows if she finds the rubies she has to leave.

Hugh is on to Birdie; he starts investigating her and knows her for a thief.  He's angry at himself for wanting her but he can't help himself.  He wants a relationship with Birdie, but she doesn't do long-term anything.  It's just easier that way.

But when another reporter gets wind of Birdie and the rubies, things fly apart.  Birdie is terrified of the townsfolk she has been pickpocketing as well as the disappointed looks on her friends faces.  She thought she had trusted Hugh, perhaps loved him, but instead he breaks that trust.

With romance, buried treasure, suspense and drama, Treasure Me is fantastic! I read this book in one sitting as I couldn't put it down.  I was drawn into the characters lives, relishing their every move.  Great character development, excellent dialogue and a solid plot set the tone for this lively and entertaining tale.  I felt sorry for them and I got angry with them and that is the mark of a great writer.  I highly recommend Treasure Me! Loved, loved, loved it!!

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