Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Inch Principle by John T. Condry & Paul E. Carpenter


You'd walk a mile for a MILLION DOLLARS - would you move an Inch? Each year, John Condry and Paul Carpenter teach thousands of people to manage, motivate, and communicate more effectively. Their unique message is that managers need to let go of past experiences and stop hoping for a better future. Instead leaders feel the power of focusing their energies on today! The Inch Principle compresses these principals into the 21 Million Dollar Inches of Management. Together these 21 inches will increase your ability to confront any management challenge with confidence. If you want to achieve anything big, challenging, magnificent, or unprecedented apply the 21 Million Dollar Inches of Management. The Inch Principle contains over 180 pages of management gems that produce maximum results.


This book breaks down the business of management  and gives you solutions. You'll find it fascinating that instead of looking at the broad picture, you take it by the inch.  They take the type of leader ability you have and break it down, about who you are and what you do, and then give you solutions to help you with different fundamentals and apply them to yourself and your own business.

The things that you think are right in business, you may find wrong.  For example meetings and red zones.  The exact science in how he breaks it down will astound you.  There is a clear function in almost anything you have problems with ; blue collar, white collar, or management.  It is utterly fascinating and in depth.  A must read book!

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