Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keys to the Kingdom by Senator Bob Graham

Shortly after an explosive op-ed piece about the 9/11 investigation appears in the New York Times, its author, former Senator and Co-chair of the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry Commission John Billington, is murdered near his Florida home.

Enter Tony Ramos, ex-Special Forces operative and former aide to Sen. Billington and currently a State Department intelligence analyst. Billington, having sensed the danger he faced, has left Ramos detailed instructions for an investigation into suspected Saudi complicity in 9/11. Ramos, in conjunction with Billington's daughter Laura, uncovers a shocking international conspiracy linking the Saudi Kingdom to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

Despite efforts to derail their investigation, whose scope encompasses Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Ramos and Laura discover that the Kingdom has recently provided bin Laden and al-Qaeda with three nuclear devices, two of which are successfully detonated by the terrorists overseas. But they were just a warm up to the grand finale. The third device, Ramos learns, will be detonated off the California coast.

Now Ramos and a team of Special Forces must race against time to prevent al-Qaeda from unleashing nuclear disaster on American shores, and beyond.

MY THOUGHTSSenator Bob Graham's first thriller is written in such a manner as to make the reader question, what is truth and what is actually fiction? 

Ex-special forces agent Tony Ramos and Senator Billington both believe that the Iraq war is using funds that could be better spend elsewhere.  But when Senator Billington is murdered, a series of events transpire that changes lives forever.  Billington had left Ramos instructions to investigate the 9/11 terrorists attacks and Saudi Arabia complicity.  He feels compelled to do so, along with Laura, Billington's daughter, because he had dismissed Billington's claims. Now, they discover a shocking international conspiracy, that if not stopped, could change and destroy lives forever.  

Political manipulations and connivance, on-the-edge of your seat action, a splash of romance and suspense tangle together into a first-rate thriller.  Brimming with exclusive information that only Senator Bob Graham can tender, Keys to the Kingdom is a first row seat for political thrillers!

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