Monday, June 27, 2011

Tour: The Lowlands of Heaven by F.J. Dagg


Welcome to “Branch 92.” You’ll like it here. Consciousness runs a bit higher here than on Earth, though it’s not so elevated as you’ll find when you finally earn entrance to Heaven. Consider it a sort of way station, a place to further one’s evolution on the way up.

Laurel, an angel of the highest order and Guardian to the human Kate, has just arrived, a bit battered from a sojourn on Earth. She carries a Gift for Kate, which must be delivered, for without it Kate will never be complete and fulfill her destiny of love. But how to deliver it, when bending near to Earth weakens her to the core?

Down on Earth, the flower romantic love is doing its best to bloom. Sam, the dashing flight instructor, is determined to win Kate’s heart. She, however, a dedicated nurse and talented artist who becomes his student, lacks whatever it would take to return his love. Possessed of the resources and the desire to help her achieve the mission that makes her heart sing, he asks only that she share her life with him — but alas, though she cannot help but like and respect him, she will not feign what she does not feel.
Knowing she must somehow reach Kate and transmit the Gift of love, Laurel does the unthinkable. What ensues is an altogether engaging tale of interplay between two realms, of choices by humans and angels with far-reaching consequences for good or ill, colored at opportune moments by the presence of a tall, lean figure lurking in the shadows.

The Lowlands of Heaven offers a rare opportunity to be lifted up and carried to the far reaches of the universe on the wings of pure imagination.

It's amazing to know that this is the author's debut novel.  It is beautifully written, engaging and powerful.  When Kate's parents die, Laurel, through a weird twist of tragic circumstance, can't get to her to give her the one gift she really needs  Kate grows up to be a beautiful woman and dreams of flying to help children, victims of a devastating war.  When she meets Sam, she really likes him and knows that he can help her obtain her dream, but she can't bring herself to love him.  He wants to marry her, but she knows it will not be fair to him, he deserves more.  Can Laurel, who needs to get the gift of Love to Kate, figure out how to deliver it without harm to herself?  The Lowlands of Heaven is an inspirational novel and a breath of fresh air, with a cast of likable and complex characters against two beautifully detailed worlds.  A real treasure!

F.J. Dagg grew up in Michigan, where for a time he was a musician in a variety of rock and blues bands. He graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a degree in Philosophy and an additional concentration in Music Theory and History. After moving to California, his focus turned from music to the writing of fiction, which he pursued as various day jobs allowed. Though not a member of any religious denomination, the mainstay of the author’s life is his faith, a fact reflected in his writing. His pastimes include playing the guitar and violin, reading, and surfing.

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