Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tour: Quintspinner: A Pirate's Quest‏ by Dianne Greenlay

In the year 1717, 16 year old Tess Willoughby witnesses a murder near a London marketplace and becomes the keeper of a legendary Spinner ring. Even so, she never imagines that she will find herself an unwilling passenger on a merchant ship bound for the pirate-infested waters of the West Indies and forcibly betrothed to the murderer.
Longing to be with William, a young press-ganged sailor, but unable to escape her dangerous fiance's clutches, Tess struggles to survive in her new set of circumstances. During a pirate attack, she unravels the legacy of her strange Spinner ring and its power, realizing that her own life and those of everyone she loves, are in jeopardy.

As a powerful hurricane overtakes the ship, a slim opportunity for her own escape presents itself, and she is forced to make the most chilling decision of her life.

Having won multiple Book Awards, (ReaderViews, ForeWord Connections, Creative Arts Council, Sask Book Award, Eric Hoffer Award) Quintspinner is a tale of pirates, secrets, betrayal, and romance on the seas of the West Indies, all bound together by a dash of ancient magic.

An action-packed adventure that will leave have you up late burning the midnight oil! Quintspinner has it all - mystery, romance and fantasy.  Like most young adult novels today, the ending alludes to a sequel.  But beyond that, Dianne does a remarkable job of character development, keeping the storyline moving forward and painting a rich and vivid background for her characters.  Since I do classify this as young adult, I do want to say that although there is romance, there really isn't any sexual scenes and the language is not crass.  I believe that young adult and adult alike will find enjoyment with this novel of the high seas and a magical spinning ring. 

Dianne will be giving away to one randomly drawn commentator, a Quintspinner T-shirt and $10 Amazon gift card! Increase your chances and enter on each blog stop!


  1. This sounds like an exciting story...another one to add to my to-be-read list.

  2. First of all, I'd like to say that this is an interesting and memorable title. This sounds like a fun read.

  3. This book sounds really good. I can't wait to read it. Please enter me in contest.


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