Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Untied Kingdom by Kate Johnson

Major Harker is going through a divorce. Bad enough that his ex-wife is ranked higher than him, but she has also assigned her younger sister to his command. He knows he will spend much time watching her, and it aggravates him to no end. Then Eve appears out of nowhere.

Eve owes a lot of back taxes, and her reputation isn't doing her any favors. She's currently trying to make ends meet by doing dumb things to raise ratings for a show she is working on. When she falls through a hole from a parachute stunt, she is stunned to find that she is in a parallel universe. The England she left is not the England she is currently standing in.

Eve is immediately mistaken as a spy. She has a lot of knowledge that this England has not yet advanced to. Princess Diana is still alive, and there was only one war. This England is currently going through another war, a civil one, between the parliament and the coalitionists. Unfortunately, the coalitionists are winning because they have the aid of computers.

When Harker finds out that Eve has this knowledge, he wants to use her to aid them and perhaps win this particular war. She may sing like a canary and he finds himself wanting to protect her, but he believes her when she says she is not from this particular universe.

UNTIED KINGDOM is an epic tale of love, war, loss and hope. Author Kate Johnson does a magnificent job of character development and world building. It is a unique concept to remove certain key events and see how our world may have otherwise developed. Charismatic characters, death, love, action and hope weave together into a page-turning tale that you won't want to put down.

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