Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Called Home - Two Hearts Answer by Gloria Schumann

Emma Benson's view of life was crafted by the death of her brother as a child, abandonment by her father and later, the man she trusted she would marry, until David Schlosser-back in town after years in New York writing best-selling novels-threatens her neatly tended life. Romance blooms. Emma and David eventually persevere in the face of tragedy, refusing to leave their dreams behind.

When Emma's mom calls for help, Emma moves back home to help her on the farm.  Emma has abandoment issues - her brother died when they were young, her father left shortly after, and the man of her dreams dumped her.  Who wouldn't be afraid of looking for love?

David and Emma actually went to high school together, even though Emma was a few grades behind.  So when he has decided he had had enough of the city life, New York City, he decides to come back home.  He has done well for himself as a writer, but doesn't put on big shot city pants.  He is who he is and he wants a small town life and is ready to settle down.

When he runs into Emma again, she is pretty blunt with him.  But there is a spark there and David pursues it.  Will Emma be ready to thaw the ice around her heart to have a life with David?  A sparkling romance, with a mystery tossed in, will keep readers enthralled.  Never been to Wisconsin myself, I appreciated the background details.  A nice clean romance with a twist of suspense that most contemporary romance readers will enjoy.  As a debut novel, Schuman does a great job and is sure to charm her way to the top!

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